Center of Legislation Development

The foundation’s mission revolves around creating a regulatory framework that empowers effective governance and fosters a conducive environment for progress. In close collaboration with the Ministry of Justice it supports legislative drafting and the development of forward-looking policies. The main objectives of the foundation are strengthening regulatory policy and management in Armenia, innovating legislative concepts […]

Armenian Bar Association

The Armenian Bar Association is a forum in which attorneys with different backgrounds and at different stages of their careers share their expertise and insight. Such an exchange of experience and knowledge forms the backbone of the Association’s dual goals of professional growth and community advancement. This sharing finds expression in the liaison work of […]

Armenian General Benevolent Union

After the independence of Armenia in 1991, the scope of AGBU’s operations in Armenia expanded dramatically with an eye to modernizing the country socially and economically. Having already established an office in Yerevan a year prior, the initial goal was to provide the nation with resources needed in its early independence. Under the leadership of […]