Vardan Lablajyan

Vardan Lablajyan is a highly motivated TV host and PR specialist with a commendable track record of 3 years of experience, notably as a TV host-journalist. His passion for communication and international affairs has shaped his media and public relations career.


BA in Political Science, Yerevan State University, Faculty of International relations
Master’s degree, Yerevan State University, Faculty of IR, National Security
PhD in International Relations, Yerevan State University
The First Channel’s Media Academy, Journalism

Overview of professional experience

🔷 Vardan Lablajyan is a political journalist and a postgraduate student at the YSU Faculty of International Relations. He also has a teaching experience as a lecturer in Yerevan State University, faculty of IR. For 6 years, Vardan served as a Head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the YSU Student Scientific Society.

🔷 As a First Channel Media Academy alumni, he is skilled in political journalism and broadcasting. He has participated in global and local exchanges such as Erasmus, university conferences, and political debates.

🔷 Since 2022 he cooperates with the Institute of Liberal Politics, working on several projects as a manager and coordinator on media-related topics.

🔷 Vardan Lablajyan’s diverse experiences in both academic and practical settings have shaped him into a versatile professional with a deep understanding of international relations, media, and public affairs.