On the 22nd of September Executive Director of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia Tatevik Matinyan partook in the “International Arbitration Fest” in Edinburgh.

Esteemed lawyers such as Andrew Mackenzie, Lord Glennie, Lise Bosman, and Brandon Malone were present there. They greeted participants and underlined the importance of arbitration stressing its current challenges.
Speakers presented the “Influence of the ESG on the international arbitrational community” topic emphasizing the key role of environmental, social and managerial matters on the future development of arbitration.
The following issues were discussed:
• Debates on whether non-lawyers should be involved in arbitration;
• The importance of involving staff in the development of the field;
• The development of AI.
Speakers clearly highlighted that there is a demand for arbitrational centers to become more transparent, education and the development of the new generation to be mainstream.

Justin D’Agostino moderated a discussion.
He expressed his concerns about the rise of digital platforms: while they are becoming more preferable, matters of controlling and managing data are becoming more and more important.
The meeting was a great platform for thinking about the future of arbitration.