The series of training for media representatives conducted by the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia has started. We started the day with an introduction and Q&A, discussing what questions the journalists in attendance had about arbitration and mediation. 28 journalists from different RA media attended the event. Director of AMCA, Tatevik Matinyan, welcomed the participants and, answering the journalists’ questions, presented the main essence of arbitration and conciliation, areas of application, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, the Center’s activities and services provided. In the second part of the day, Lilit Petrosyan, the deputy director of the Center, and Davit Khachatryan, mediation case manager, presented the features, advantages and details of the conciliation process. We concluded the first day with the speech of Rafik Grigoryan, the vice-chairman of the Arbitration Council of AMCA, who presented to the journalists the specifics of coverage of arbitration and conciliation, the applicable terminology and all the necessary tools that media representatives can use when covering the field. All the official websites from which it is possible to get the necessary information were also presented. The agenda of the first day was full of speech-discussions and question and answer, the journalists got to know in detail the peculiarities and institutional development of the sector. We started the second day with a simulation game, which aims to reinforce the knowledge and the theoretical part that we studied during the first day. On the basis of a predetermined problem, the journalists were divided into teams and acted as the parties to the mediation and the mediator. The deputy director of the center, Lilit Petrosyan, acted as a mediator in order to direct the game. The course of the game was heated, but in the end the parties signed a settlement agreement. With this game model, journalists gained a clearer understanding of the essence and procedural part of mediation. The meeting of the day was concluded with the ceremony of best wishes and gift giving on the occasion of Women’s Day.