“Association of Intellectual Property Lawyers” (AIPR) with the support of “Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia” Foundation (AMCA) is conducting a moot-competition dedicated to intellectual property rights, the oral stage of which took place on April 13-14. The purpose of the court game is to deepen the knowledge of students of law faculties of Armenian universities in the field of intellectual property law and commercial arbitration. More than 30 students from 7 Armenian universities participated in the competition. The teams of YSU and the French University in Armenia competed in the final round, and they shared the 1st place with the overall results. Director of AMCA Tatevik Matinyan notes: “The Armenian Center for Arbitration and Conciliation, emphasizing the promotion of education in the field of arbitration and promoting the growth of interest among future professionals, continues to support the organization of arbitration related trials, this time at the national level. It is noteworthy that this year the trial is conducted according to the Arbitration Rules of AMCA, which is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the latter and apply them within the framework of the case. This year, the moot game was dedicated to the most current issues and questions discussed in the field of intellectual property: the exchange and legal regulations of artificial intelligence and copyright. Considering the lack of systemic legal regulations in the field, different approaches in the academic and professional community regarding the objects created by artificial intelligence systems, the teams were tasked with presenting reasoned arguments and analyzes regarding the still not fully settled legal institutions and issues. The trial was conducted according to the Arbitration Rules of AMCA, the teams participating in the oral stage presented their arguments orally to the arbitrators, who were representatives of the academic, legal, judicial community, specialized structures in the field of intellectual property. “Such a court game creates a platform for students to conduct in-depth research on various issues of intellectual property law, to present their views in front of the best experts in the field. This made the student games particularly spectacular as students presented their views on institutions that are hotly debated in practice and academia even in global practice. We fully hope that the experience gained during the trial will have its benefits for the future professional activities of the students,” said AIPR representative Mariam Ayvazyan. The participants of the winning teams state that the topic was relevant, the trial was successful and full of practical knowledge and valuable experience. “I thank the organizers of the trial for the high professionalism shown and the opportunity provided. Participating for the first time in a court game dedicated to intellectual property, I can state that the experiment was successful. The topic itself is relevant and important nowadays, and of course there is a need to discuss it in different environments. I am sure that every participant was satisfied with the trial and it will continue,” said Hakob Petoyan, a student of the French University in Armenia. YSU student Ara Sargsyan also confirms. “The court game was a good opportunity to use and practice our knowledge and skills. In addition, we had the opportunity to communicate with students from other Armenian universities and exchange experience. Of course, the subject of the trial was very topical. especially with the fact that in the 21st century, in the conditions of developing technologies and their application, many legal problems arise, for which it is necessary to conduct comprehensive studies in order to find ways to solve such problems. At the end of the trial, certificates were also awarded to Hayarpi Mkrtchyan, the best speaker, YSU Faculty of Law, Best teamwork: YSU Faculty of Law team, Best written result: YSU Faculty of Law team, Best legal argument presenter: Zaven Yervandyan, student of the Armenian-Russian Slavic University.