Director of the “Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia,” Tatevik Matinyan participated in the “South East European Arbitration Conference.” The conference was launched on October 12, 2023, in Vienna.
On the first day of the conference, Professor Christopher Scheruer delivered an opening speech, addressing the current challenges of investment arbitration and discussing future developments.
Subsequently, during the panel discussions, the nuances of executing arbitration decisions and the new challenges caused by geopolitical changes were talked over. These discussions encompassed the difficulties encountered by arbitrators across various countries and explored potential solutions for the future.

On the second day of her business trip to Vienna the director of Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia Tatevik Matinyan participated in GAR Live Vienna where this year the following issues were discussed:

  • competition law and arbitration
  • is there a necessity to have a uniform standards for independence and impartiality of experts in international arbitrations
  • whether third party funding has improved international arbitration.

In her opening speech the Minister of Justice of Austria Alma Zadic also mentioned the importance of the state in taking actions for using the profits of artificial intelligence in legal profession however underlining that she does not believe that the AI may replace the legal professionals at this stage.

Richard Whish KC, Emeritus professor of law, King’s College London delivered a very interesting speech on specific relation between arbitration and competition law, court developments in that area.

A very interesting session was “What would you do?” where the audience was asked at the very beginning if they are for or against having uniform standards for expert independence and the votes were almost 50/50 but after discussing 4 scenarios from different countries the final voting showed that 74% of the audience is quite confident that there is a strong demand of uniform standard.

Very competitive and thought provoking debate was on the topic of “This house believes that third-party funding has improved international arbitration” and in comparison with a preliminary voting 10 more percent of the audience voted for.

The specifics and importance of such an event is that both theoretical and practical advice is provided by professors from leading universities and worldwide well known practitioners on current developments in different countries.