The Arbitration and Mediation Centre of Armenia (AMCA) participates in the 19th International Mediation Competition- Conference “Mediation Week” organized by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Igor Mirzakhanyan, The Mediation Case Manager of the AMCA, represents AMCA at this prestigious event.

ICC Mediation Week is the largest educational event of the year, bringing together over 550+ participants — professional mediators, academics and students — from worldwide. The highly-anticipated week of events provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge, discuss new developments and gain valuable insights on the latest trends in the field of mediation. The Mediation Week features an international mediation competition and a professional roundtable, fostering knowledge exchange and showcasing the latest trends.

The AMCA’s participation is groundbreaking, marking Armenia’s inaugural representation at this esteemed forum. This offers a unique opportunity to build connections, expand professional networks, and learn from global mediation leaders.