Business cases, construction, mining, energy, telecommunications, intellectual property, investment, banking, commercial disputes and more. The aim of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia is to organize their examination more quickly and efficiently, as well as to encourage alternative methods of dispute resolution. Today, on April 1, a session of the Arbitration Council was held, within which the director of the AMCA, Tatevik Matinyan, referred to the importance of having an international arbitration council and emphasized the role and importance of the council in the development of important strategic documents, as well as in the establishment of the Center. The opening speech was given by the chairman of the council, Grant Hanessian, who in his speech mentioned the importance of constant cooperation, and also referred to the goals of the council. Hanessian assured that they are working with leading international specialists in the field and local lawyers, they guarantee that the specialists will work at a high level. “As the first president of the AMCA Arbitration Council, my role is to guide its strategic goals and support its day-to-day operations. I believe that AMCA can help achieve the goals. During our visit, we will meet with international and Armenian arbitration leaders to discuss work strategies aimed at introducing Armenian businesses to the culture of alternative dispute resolution,” said AMCA’s Arbitration Council Chairman Grant Hanessian. Founded in 2023, the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia aims to develop the culture of alternative dispute resolution in Armenia, provide a more favorable investment environment, increase Armenia’s reputation as a dispute resolution platform, and also contribute to reducing the burden on the judicial system. “Arbitration is an important dispute resolution method that allows reducing the workload of the courts, and provides an effective, fast, confidential dispute resolution method for both Armenian and foreign businesses in the Republic of Armenia,” said Hayk, a member of the AMCA’s Arbitration Council. The meeting concluded with the discussion and planning of new programs and initiatives. Let’s remind that both legal and physical persons can apply to the Center, both from Armenia and from any country in the world. Documents can be submitted to the center in person or electronically, including by uploading them to the center’s website. The annual session of the Arbitration Council.