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  1. Costs related to mediation include:
    • Mediation administrative fee,
    • Mediator(s)’s fee,
    • Costs of the involved expert, specialist or any other costs required for the effective conduction of mediation process.
  2. For each mediation case, the Secretary General prepares a mediation budget, calculating all costs and fees for the mediation.
  3. The following amounts serve as a guideline for the calculation of costs and fees related to mediation
    • Mediation administrative fee – AMD 70,000 (including taxes and other mandatory fees defined by law);
    • Mediator(s)’s fee – AMD 150,000 for a mediation lasting up to four hours (excluding taxes and other mandatory fees defined by law), after which hourly rate of AMD 50,000 shall apply (excluding taxes and other mandatory fees defined by law). Calculations are done on an hourly basis.
    • Other costs incurred for the effective implementation of the mediation process are calculated and approved with the parties to the mediation as needed.

    These amounts are subject to change, taking into account the nature, complexity and other relevant circumstances of the mediation case.

  4. The mediation budget is presented to the parties to the mediation. After receiving the mediation budget, the parties to the mediation shall pay the full amount specified in the budget within three days or submit their objections to the estimate. Failure to pay the amount within the specified period shall mean a renunciation of the mediation case.
  5. Regarding the costs incurred during the mediation case, which have not been included in the mediation budget, the Secretariat submits a new bill for the consideration and payment by the parties to mediation, as needed.
  6. The mediation administrative fee is non-refundable, unless the Secretariat decides otherwise, taking into account the exceptional circumstances of the case.
  7. In case of withdrawal or in other case of failure of mediation, the mediator’s fee shall be returned, offsetting the actual work performed by the mediator according to the established hourly rate.

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