During the second panel discussion of the “International Arbitration Week” conference held in Yerevan on September 4, the speakers highlighted the following points: “The role of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia is to strengthen people’s trust in alternative methods of resolving disputes. We anticipate that through arbitration, Armenia will gain significant advantages in economic cooperation with the world. We are committed to supporting the organization and contributing to its growth. This is both a challenge and a great honour.” (Harut Samra, Representative of AGBU Armenia) AMCA has developed highly flexible arbitration rules that fully align with international standards. AMCA provides advanced electronic services to its clients. AMCA offers short deadlines for resolving both local and international disputes.” (Lilit Petrosyan, Deputy Director of AMCA) The Director and Deputy Director of the Center also participated in the second-panel discussion. Tatevik Matinyan (Director of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia) expressed gratitude to all the partners who organized the event and the center’s founders.

She emphasized that the Center’s Board of Trustees members represent various business and professional organizations within the Armenian Diaspora. At the same time, the Arbitration Council comprises esteemed experts in arbitration. Furthermore, the Arbitration Board is entrusted with critical functions such as appointing and approving arbitrators, reviewing requests for their disqualification, and more. The Center offers its beneficiaries: Comprehensive arbitration rules based on international best practices. Respected and professional arbitrators. A trained staff capable of handling arbitration and mediation cases. An electronic platform, a crucial feature of the 21st century, enables participants worldwide to engage in case proceedings.