The topic of the third panel discussion was “Disputes in Construction and Mining”.

The third panel discussion was also about disputes in the construction industry. The speakers noted that disputes arising in this field are also easily resolved with the help of knowledgeable arbitrators. Now, due to the workload of the courts, the examination of cases takes more than half a year.

Gurgen Grigoryan spoke about the peculiarities of the construction and arbitration sphere.

Gurgen is the Chairman of the Association of the Armenian Developers. Their study showed that there are two types of disputes in this field: between private legal entities and communal disputes (one party is the community or the state). The latter is most often found in the context of the implementation of state functions.

Hranush Aghayan. “The problems of gas and water supply are not included in the function of arbitration, but they are important and I propose to develop ways of inclusion.”

Vanik Margaryan (Partner, AM Law Firm). “Most of the arbitration cases involved the banking sector. The developer also wants to break the contract with the unscrupulous buyer and sell the house to someone else. We have had such cases. The dispute in the courts lasted for 4 years.

Developers often do not go to court. Administrative justice takes years. Disputes arise due to time delays, and the role of arbitration is important in legal contractual relations.