During the first panel discussion, the speakers, alongside other issues, emphasized that:
The availability of alternative dispute resolutions is very important for the improvement of the investment climate:

    • Arbitration, as an alternative method for dispute resolution, can promote business as well as assist consumers;
    • Settlement of business disputes of businesses transferred from Russia to Armenia can be carried out through arbitration;
    • The legislation of the Republic of Armenia is favorable for the settlement of both local and international disputes through Arbitration;
    • Disputes arising in Russia can be resolved through the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia. Arbitration in Armenia can become a bridge for dispute resolution for Russia and the West,
    • To raise awareness of alternative methods of dispute resolution, students and PhD students can get involved in the activities of the Center and get acquainted with the practice of handling cases in such structures;
    • The fact that AMCA has already achieved results of long and intensive work. This Center can significantly impact economic development and direct investment attraction. It has great potential to affect the economy of the Republic of Armenia, as it was in Sweden and Canada.
    • The first panel discussion was moderated by Damien Eastman (Deputy General Counsel of the Asian Development Bank). He stressed few memorable thoughts for himself, such as:
    • A solid arbitration system will be developed to facilitate investments.

Dispute resolution through AMCA will be more straightforward and contribute to the country’s economic growth. The representative of the Georgian Arbitration Center noted that they are ready to share their experience.