Varsine Harutyunyan


Commercial Law, Family Law, Contract Law, Intellectual property Law, Property Law, Bankruptcy, Business Law


LL.M, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Law

Overview of professional experience

🔷 Varsine Harutyunyan has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the legal field, with a primary focus on advocacy, civil and administrative matters. Her track record includes successfully handling more than 300 court cases.

🔷 Her practice specializes in a diverse range of legal areas, including intellectual property, corporate relationships, arbitration, labor disputes, contractual matters, corporate law, banking, migration and law, bankruptcy, property issues, family law, and inheritance rights.

🔷 Varsine Harutyunyan boasts significant expertise in the resolution of disputes and conflicts involving Russian citizens and businesses. Her three-year background in managing business affairs enhances the professionalism of her skill set.