Evgeniia Konechnykh


Real Estate litigation, Commercial litigation, Construction Litigation, Aviation Litigation, Oil & Gas Litigation, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Litigation


L.L.M., Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Russia, Moscow (Lawyer)

Scientific and Methodological Center for Mediation and Law, Russia, Moscow, (Certified Mediator)

Institute for Continuing Professional Education, International Financial Center, Russia, Moscow (Tax Consultant)

Dubai International Financial Courts (DIFC), UAE, Dubai (Wills Draftsman)

Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts (ADGM), UAE, Abu Dhabi (Wills Draftsman

Overview of professional experience

Evgeniia Konechnykh is an Advocate at Moscow Collegium of Advocates ‘ Edinstvo-Solidarnost’ Dubai office and specializes in international arbitration and litigation. 

Evgeniia is a qualified lawyer with expertise in the legal systems of Russia. With a comprehensive background in civil law,

Evgeniia has represented clients in arbitrations under the rules of Commercial Arbitration Court of Russia.

Evgeniia practices Commercial Law, Construction Law, Property Law, Tax Law in the United Arab Emirates.

Evgeniia has many years’ experience at the Court of Arbitration of the Moscow Region in a position of a Judge Assistant. 

Evgeniia pleaded complex court cases in Commercial and Bankruptcy law, Property law, Contract law, Banking law (loan, syndicated loan, etc.), Tax law, Civil law (lease, supply, FMCG).

Evgeniia provided legal support in a concession agreement for reconstruction and modernization of a water supply system in Sochi, as part of the preparations for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. Performed legal risk analysis on agreements for the construction of an Olympic facility of federal significance. 

Evgeniia pleaded court cases against gas and electricity suppliers with respect to settling waterheating prices for residents in a region in Russia. 

Evgeniia had a working eхperience in an Airline company, a Construction company, a Mining company, a Water Supply company, an Oilfield and Natural Gas equipment and spare parts trading company, a Holding company, who owns a chain of petrol stations