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Arbitration council is a body of AMCA, which has the following authorities: 


  • Define rules of conduct of arbitrators and persons providing the secretariat functions;  
  • Adopt the rules of procedure for the Arbitration Council;  
  • Act as an appointing body in the cases and under the procedure prescribed by the arbitration rules of the Center;  
  • Examine applications for challenge of arbitrators and make a decision on issues of challenge of arbitrators, establish the procedure for examination of the challenge;  
  • In the cases and in the manner prescribed by the Arbitration Rules of the Center determine, approve or modify the fees of arbitrators in a specific arbitration case; 
  • Perform other functions provided for by the AMCA Charter, the Arbitration Rules of the Center, the rules of procedure of the Arbitration Council or decisions of the Board of Trustees. 

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