It is important to promote mediation institute as it one of the most widely embraced alternative dispute resolution methods in the world. On January 21, in observance of the International Day of Mediation, the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia organized an event which was attended by licensed mediators, Ministry of Justice representatives, judges, lawyers, and advocates. The director of the AMCA Tatevik Matinyan welcomed guests, with outlining the ways of development of mediation institution and referring to the future plans. She also spoke about the professional day of mediators with emphasizing the significance of promoting mediation in Armenia. Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the AMCA, head of the Center of Legislation Development, Tigran Dadunts also gave a speech. With highlighting the importance of institutional development of mediation he mentioned that 85 applicants (which was an unprecedented result) took the previous qualification exams, of which 20 had the opportunity to participate in the training, 6 are active mediators, and 14 joined the mediation community.

Arsen Mkrtchyan, judge of the civil chamber of the RA Court of Cassation, also had a congratulatory speech, he spoke about the institute’s development preconditions and underlined the importance of promoting mediation culture in Armenia. Lilit Petrosyan, Deputy Director of the AMCA, and Igor Mirzakhanyan, licensed mediator, and mediation case manager of AMCA, presented the Center’s mediation rules, working directions, and adopted policies in mediation.

Thanks to mediation, it is possible not only to resolve existing disputes, but also to prevent those that have not yet arisen. It is an effective tool that allows to promote business development, the investment field and reduce business risks. The first law on mediation, adopted by the Council of Europe on January 21, 1998, initiated the development of mediation institutions in Europe. This year the mediation day celebrated in Armenia for the first time.