From November 13 to 15, the head of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia, Tatevik Matinyan participated in the Dubai Arbitration Week. There were 36 participants from 6 continents and approximately 100 events took place during the Arbitration Week.

On the first day of the event, she took part in the “Thinking beyond the final award: Achieving effective outcomes in international arbitration” panel, which had two sessions. During the first session, participants discussed issues concerning cross-border enforcement and arbitration challenges. In the second session, participants discussed how tracing and investigations can enhance the prospects of achieving an effective outcome from international arbitration. There were productive discussions with the honorable speakers Khawar Qureshi KC, Ayman Merdas, Ian Casewell, Tom Evans and David Hunt.
On November 14, Tatevik Matinyan participated in the “Impact of Sanctions on Conduct of Arbitration: Practical Issues” panel. The panel covered pressing issues related to the conduct of international arbitration proceedings affected by sanctions regimes. Speakers talked about the tools and options that can help to minimize the negative impact of sanctions, arrange the formation of an impartial and independent tribunal, and ensure smooth and effective conduct of the proceedings, starting from the initiation of arbitration until the enforcement of the arbitral award.

A very effective and productive panel was the “Dubai International Arbitration Centre and American Arbitration Association (the role of institutions, case management) – International Centre for Dispute Resolution”. After the opening speeches of Director of Dubai International Arbitration Centre Jehad Kazmi and President and CEO of the American Arbitration Association Bridged McCormack, in two panels, participants discussed issues concerning sustainable arbitration, the role of arbitral institutions, and effective case management in international arbitration.

Next, Tatevik Matinyan participated in the “Arbitration Across Generation (World leading arbitration practitioners farm Secretariat, Shearman, and more)” panel discussion, which was about exploring how the convergence of different generations, young and old, can affect the conduct and outcome of arbitrations.

It is worth emphasizing that Tatevik Matinyan also had a meeting with AMCA Arbitration Council member Thomas Snider. During the meeting, a number of questions regarding AMCA rules were discussed.

Dubai Arbitration Week was a very productive and helpful event, from which AMCA gained a lot of theoretical and practical advice.

Engaging and practical discussions were held in “Court’s role in building a safe arbitral seat: the bench’s perspective (webinar) seminar and panel sessions of the SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre) Dubai Conference 2023. In the first session of the SIAC conference, a combination of arbitration and mediation was discussed. The second session was dedicated to the changes to SIAC’s arbitration rules. Particularly, there were discussions about innovative approaches to the SIAC new rules.