Karine Poghosyan


Business Mediation, Labour Mediation


LL.B, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Law
LL.M, American University of Armenia, Law Department

Overview of professional experience

🔷 Karine Poghosyan is an accomplished contract lawyer specializing in the pharmaceutical sector, providing comprehensive legal advisory and mediation services. With a keen focus on alternative dispute resolution, Karine extends her expertise beyond traditional legal practice.

🔷 As a recognized national expert in the field of mediation, Karine has actively contributed to the development of mediation legislation in Armenia. Her involvement in discussions surrounding the draft law on Mediation showcases her commitment to shaping the legal landscape in her domain. In addition, Karine has played a pivotal role in advancing the use of mediation within the judicial system by compiling guidelines for the appointment of mediation for judges.

🔷 Beyond her legal practice, Karine is dedicated to raising awareness about mediation. She conducts mediation awareness trainings and courses, sharing her knowledge and promoting the benefits of this alternative dispute resolution method.