Armenian Bar Association

The Armenian Bar Association was formed in 1989 to provide an arena for lawyers of Armenian heritage to come together socially and professionally and to address the legal concerns of the Armenian community. With the creation of an independent Republic of Armenia, the Association undertook the task of helping to build and encourage the growth of democratic institutions in Armenia.

The Armenian Bar Association is a forum in which attorneys with different backgrounds and at different stages of their careers share their expertise and insight. Such an exchange of experience and knowledge forms the backbone of the Association’s dual goals of professional growth and community advancement. This sharing finds expression in the liaison work of the Association in supporting the emergence of a rule of law society in the Republic of Armenia.
The cooperation also takes the form of pro bono assistance and legal education seminars geared toward raising community awareness of rights and responsibilities.
The Association is a democratic organization. Its members and sponsors support it and give it direction. They approve its by-laws, elect a Board of Governors, nominate prominent jurists as honorary members, and set the policy for the fiscal year. The Association is committed to serve the profession of law, the interests of its members, and the rights of its constituents.