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Commercial, Corporate, Civil, Labor


YSU Ph.D. in Law

Overview of professional experience

🔷Tigran Mukuchyan is a highly skilled and experienced dispute resolution specialist, renowned for his extensive career as both a judge and lawyer. His professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the legal field in Armenia, particularly in judicial administration, legal reform, and electoral process enhancement.

🔷Key Strengths

🔷 Extensive Judicial Experience:

  – Chairman of the RA Civil Court of Appeal (2005-2007): Provided leadership and adjudicated complex civil disputes.

  – First Chairman of the RA Administrative Court (2008-2010): Played a pivotal role in establishing the administrative justice system in Armenia.

  – First Chairman of the RA Administrative Court of Appeal (2010-2011): Continued to shape the administrative judiciary, ensuring the development of fair and efficient legal processes.

🔷Legal Expertise and Law Drafting:

  – Deputy Minister of Justice (2000-2003): Oversaw significant reforms in the RA State Register of Enterprises, streamlining registration processes for legal entities and entrepreneurs.

  – Law Board and Coordination Roles in the RA National Assembly: Contributed to drafting and coordinating vital legal acts and regulations, enhancing the legislative framework.

  – Member of Working Groups for Major Legal Codes: Played an instrumental role in drafting the Civil Code, Labor Code, Administrative Procedure Code, and the Electoral Code of Armenia.

🔷Electoral Process Reforms:

  – Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission (2011-2022): Under his leadership, the commission implemented extensive reforms, including the introduction of Voter Authentication Devices (VADs) and live broadcasting from polling stations, ensuring unprecedented transparency and public control in the electoral process.

🔷Educational Contributions:

  – Lectured at Armenian-Russian (Slavic) University (2003-2004): Imparted legal knowledge and practical insights to law students, fostering the next generation of legal professionals.

  – Co-founder of Legal-Educational TV Program “My Right”: Educated the public on legal rights and processes through televised trials, which received wide acclaim.

🔷Recognition and Awards:

  – State Counselor of the Third Class of Justice (2001): Recognized for his service and contributions to the legal system.

  – Medal “For Services to the Motherland” (2017): Awarded for his long-term effective activity in state administration.

🔷Tigran Mukuchyan is renowned for his deep understanding of the legal landscape, his ability to navigate and resolve complex disputes, and his unwavering commitment to legal reform and transparency. His career is a testament to his dedication to improving Armenia’s legal and judicial systems, making him a distinguished figure in the field of dispute resolution.