Armen Haykyants


Contract Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Tort Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, Inheritance Law, Conflict of Laws, International Trade Law


Doctorate, Russian Presidential Academy of Public Service, Russia
Ph.D, Yerevan State University, Faculty of Law , Armenia

Overview of professional experience

🔷 Armen Haykyants is a distinguished academic and practitioner, member of the Chamber of Advocates of Armenia, who is currently the Head of Chair of Civil Law in Yerevan State University.  

🔷 During his long term expertise Dr. Haykyants has cooperated with the Ministry of Justice of Armenia, Armenian National Assembly and the UN office in Armenia in various fundamental projects. Dr. Haykyants has also had his contribution to the RA Judicial system, serving as a Member of the Supreme Judicial Council. Additionally, Armen Haykyants has been Head of Legal Department of the Armenian Development Bank and Leda Systems, Armenian branch of an American Company. 

🔷 Dr. Haykyants holds the Rank of 1st class advisor of the State Service of Armenia. 

🔷 Dr. Haykyants has an extensive expertise and a significant contribution to the educational system. Besides working in YSU, Dr. Haykyants has been  a professor in the Public Administration Academy of RA,  Russian-Armenian University and French University in Armenia. Dr. Haykyants has bettered his expertise in myriad of international programs, organized by the Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel, University of Passau in Germany and the  Central European University of Budapest, Hungary. 

🔷 Dr. Haykyants is the author of more than 50 scientific articles, 3 books and a co-author to 3 books, having International commercial law issues, Conflict resolution issues, Property rights issues, Contract law issues, Tort liability issues, Inheritance law issues, Family law issues as the main scope of his scientific research.