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AMCA director Tatevik Matinyan participated in the event organized by the RA Arbitrators Association on June 27-30, 2024, Arbitration summer school. The event took place at the American University of Armenia and aimed to promote the development of students’ knowledge and practical skills regarding arbitration. During the school, the participants were introduced to the importance of arbitration, the features of its application and the importance of extrajudicial methods in the process of resolving complex and long-lasting disputes. Mrs. Matinyan participated in the panel discussion, during which several arbitration centers operating in Armenia presented their activities and the advantages of the centers. Presenting AMCA, Tatevik Matinyan emphasized the work and achievements of the latter, the advantages of the Arbitration and Mediation rules and the technical equipment of the Center, which guarantees effective resolution of both national and international disputes. She noted that while well aware that the attitude towards arbitration can be changed primarily through education, AMCA also emphasizes similar schools and educational programs and has created an opportunity for students to undergo an experience program, educational internship and use the center’s library at AMCA. Speaking about what students should do to develop arbitration in Armenia, she noted that students should also engage in self-education, specifically pointing out the Jus Mundi website as the best online platform where one can find the latest developments in the field of arbitration, starting with domestic developments and with information on interstate arbitration processes that have concluded with arbitral awards. Tatevik Matinyan thanked the Arbitrators’ Association of Armenia for inviting him to the panel discussion within the Arbitration Summer School and for the opportunity to present the AMCA.